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Chasing The Fall is bringing back the nostalgia of 90s and 00s music, with a melodic, old-skool pop punk sound. 

Focusing on classic octave guitar riffs with the added pop of vocal melodies, you’ll be brought right back to that sound of Blink 182, Sum 41, and Green Day playing through your Walkman. 

The band are completely independent, releasing their first 3 singles totally on their own. These 3 singles have hit nearly 5’000  streams each in just a few months, and the band are all ready to release their next batch of music. 

Game Face is Chasing The Fall’s first EP. The 6 tracks on the EP pop right in your face, with chugging guitars, fast drum fills, and gritty bass counter melodies. The EP cover art only adds to the nostalgia the music makes you feel, with an 8 bit depiction of each band member on the front. 



a drummer with a lagwagon band tshirt on holding drum sticks up
a guitarist playing a Gibson Les Paul on stage in an orange cap
a girl playing a Gibson Grabber bass on stage wearing a black vans top

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